MAP: Denton County’s Uninsured

The U.S. Census just released a new set of data, which includes how many U.S. residents are living without health insurance.

Here’s a map that we created of Denton County that illustrates where the highest percentage of residents without health insurance live.

I’m working on making this map interactive so that you can explore the data in your community. Tweet me at @jdharden if you have any questions.

Interactive: Campaign Finance Reports

The Texas Ethics Commission keeps a database of campaign finance reports from each of the state’s elected officials. I took that database and filtered out each of the House representatives from Denton County – Rep. Pat Fallon, Rep. Ron Simmons, Rep. Myra Crownover and Rep. Tan Parker.

Play with the data to see how and where campaign dollars are spent. You can also discover who the biggest donors are.

Click the image below to play with the data. 

Olympic athlete and Denton native to sign autographs at Buffalo Wild Wings

Olympic athlete Jordan Malone will make an appearance tonight, Nov. 21, at Buffalo Wild Wings. He will sign autographs and you’ll have a chance to see his Olympic medal from the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, according to organizers.

Buffalo Wild Wings will donate 10 percent of proceeds to Malone. Buffalo Wild Wings Denton Location Address: 1400 Loop 288 Suite 110 Denton, TX 76205-4706 Phone: 940-387-0924

The Facebook post from Malone’s mother Peggy Aitken.

UPDATE: Bartonville mayor, mayor pro-tem resign from council

UPDATE — 5:50 p.m.

Mayor Ron Robertson and Mayor Pro-Tem James Farrell resigned from the Bartonville Town Council on Tuesday night immediately after the conclusion of a regularly scheduled council meeting.

Both men said they resigned  because they did not agree with the direction that the council’s newest members wanted to lead the town, and because they said don’t believe they can resolve their differences with those members.

Robertson and Farrell said that their resignations were effective immediately.

“I’ve given this a whole lot of consideration,” Farrell said during the meeting. “I find myself in a place where I can’t see myself adding value to the direction of the town.”

Immediately after Farrell announced his resignation, Robertson announced his.

“I also will be resigning my position as mayor,” he said. “I really don’t want to be part of this. I don’t see myself working with you guys. I really don’t. I think you’re heading down the wrong direction.”

He added that he believes the council is following the direction of a person that should not be followed and who does not have the best interests of the town in mind.

Story developing.

Town Administrator Stacey Almond confirmed that Mayor Ron Robertson and Mayor Pro-Tem Jim Farrell resigned from their positions during the Nov. 19 town council meeting.

Almond said the resignations are effective immediately.

This story is developing.


Early voters in Krum support new fire station

Early voting results in Krum show voters are in favor of two propositions that previously failed during the May elections.

So far, voters have thrown their support behind a $1.9 million tax bond for a the construction of a new fire station and a $426,000 tax bond for a new public works building.

In May, the two propositions were under a single proposition, and it failed after voters deadlocked at the polls — 175 to 175.

City officials blame a campaign of misinformation for the bonds’ failure earlier this year.

INTERACTIVE: Motorist and pedestrian/bicyclist accidents

Last month, the Denton Record-Chronicle published a story about accidents in Denton that involved a motorist and either a bicyclist or pedestrian from Jan. 2008 to June 2013. 

We found that there have been at least 280 accidents within that time frame, accounting for about 2 percent of Denton traffic accidents. Many of the accidents occurred at intersections. The story also explored why the accidents happened and how they could be prevented in the future.

Click the image below to enter an interactive map to see where each reported accident occurred. The interactive has other useful data including times, dates, reasons for accidents and information on injuries.


Denton County’s ethnic distribution

I wish I could take credit for building this map, but I came across it over the weekend, and I figured I would share it.

The map, created by Dustin Cable at University of Virginia’s Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service, is a comprehensive look at the racial makeup of the United States.

It uses data from the 2010 U.S. Census to show the country’s ethnic distribution and every single citizen. Each dot represents one person.

The map has been called “The Best Map Ever Made of America’s Racial Segregation” by a few outlets and critics.

Here I’ve provided a snapshot of various sections of Denton County so that you can see the racial makeup of each area.

For instance, here’s Denton. (Click the images.)

Here’s the Cross Timbers and Lewisville area

Here are the Lakes Cities of Corinth, Lake Dallas, Shady Shores and Hickory Creek.

And here is northern Denton County.

Read more about this map here - The Racial Dot Map


Growing water demands

Came across some data the other day while researching water loss in Texas and in Denton County. You can see that the demands for water in each county will continue to grow – especially in North Texas’ largest counties – Dallas, Tarrant, Collin and Denton.

It’s probably difficult just by looking at the graph to grasp how much water officials say the region needs by 2060. But Texas Water Development Board officials predict that North Texas needs an additional water supply of half a trillion gallons of water by 2060.

The state has outlined a plan for the region to help it meet its water supply needs. It’s outlined in the 2012 State Water Plan. The plan has a wish list of projects that could cost the North Texas region about $21 billion.

Some of the state’s plans to meet water needs includes constructing four new major lakes.