See how Denton County residents voted in 2008

In the 2008 election, 110,270 Denton residents voted for the McCain/Palin ticket, while 70,388 resident voted Obama/Biden. Denton is largely a Republican county, according to 2008 data. But If you break down and map the data by voting precinct, it’s easy to see which areas of the county Democrats and Republicans are likely to dominate the vote.

Based off the map below, city of Denton residents are largely Democrat, while in the more rural areas of the county, Republicans are dominate. The grey patches on the map represent precincts created after the 2008 election and there is not any data available – yet.

Denton seems to follow the same trend as the entire state, but on a much smaller level. In my last blog, The political landscape of Texas, I created a map that shows which Texas Counties are likely to vote Republican or Democrat. And according to the map, urban areas like El Paso, Dallas and Houston all voted Democrat, while more rural cities and counties voted Republican.

What environmental factors may influence political loyalty?

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Source: Denton County Elections Administration

Map Created By: John D. Harden