Data: Republican votes increased by about 4 percent

The Republican party tightened its grip on Denton County in the 2012 General election.In 2008, Senator John McCain received 149,935 votes and President Barack Obama grabbed 91,160 votes.

However, during the 2012 election 157,579 county residents voted for Governor Mitt Romney, while 80,978 residents voted for President Barack Obama. That’s 64.91 and 33.35 percent vote, respectfully.

The Democratic vote decreased while the Republican vote was much stronger at the polls.

The map below illustrates the political climate of Denton County based on how residents voted in their respective precincts. The map was created using data collected from the county.

Areas in red show precincts where Republican snag majority of the vote and the blue areas represent precincts Democrats dominated.

The darker red areas represent areas dominated by Republicans by less than 150 votes. And the light blue areas represent precincts where Democrats won the majority by less than 150 votes.

The single gray area represents a tie. The vote – 1 to 1.

Click this link ( to play with the map. Where is your precinct?


Data Source: Denton County 

Map created by – John D. Harden