Map: Outstanding municipal debt across Denton County

After playing with some 2010-11 data from the state, I built this map which shows outstanding debts for each city and town throughout Denton County. (Special districts aren’t included, but you can find that data in a previous blog here -

Also, the colors of each city reflect the level of debt each city has. (Cities in red have the highest debt per person, cities in yellow and orange are in the middle, and the grayish cities represents the lowest debt in the county.)

Click the following link to play with the interactive data. Click on a city/town to find how much outstanding debt each municipality has, how much debt each one has per person and more information.

Play with the map here – (Based on a fiscal year end of 8/31/12)

[A previous version of this map was published with incorrect data. It has since been fixed!]